About Our Knives

Custom Hand Made Knives

All my knives are one of a kind. Blades come in all sizes and are made of Stainless or Damascus Steel. 

  • Some blades are etched with Bear Print, Mountains, etc.
  • Damascus blades have about 200 layers of Steel resulting in an edge that outlast most other blades.
  • Handles come in many different materials: (Horn, Exotic Wood, Stone, etc).
  • Sheaths are handmade and are custom designed for each knife.
  • Each knife comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.​
  • Each knife has my BWK logo, etched on the blade.
  • ​All my knives are hand made with only basic hand tools and are one of a kind that can be treasured for many years.

Care For Your Knife

  • 1. Take care of your knife tip. Never pry of dig. The tip could break.
  • 2. Never throw your Knife. It is not made for throwing.
  • 3. Never leave your knife in the weather. The sun can damage the sheath or the handle.
  • 4. Hand wash blades after use and completely dry.
  • 5. Do not oil sheaths. this could soften them or make them weak.
  • 6. Damascus blades should be cleaned and waxed after use.
  • 7. Stainless should be washed and dried only.
  • 8. Wood handles can be waxed and buffed.
  • 9. Brass should be buffed lightly and waxed.
  • 10.  Storing for extended times do not store the knife in the sheath. 
  • 11. It is best to keep your knives sharp. A dull knife can cause injuries.

Knife Designs

Bowie Knives


This group of knives have more exotic woods and stone on the handles and the blades are made of Stainless or Damascus Steel. They would be good for the starting knife collector.

Filet Knives


Filet knives are a great tool for fishing and hunting.

Small Skinner Knives


These strong and fuctional knives are more for every day use. The handles are made from Buffalo or Deer Horn or different types of wood. A few handles are stone.

Folding Knives


Folding knives are the great everyday pocket knife. Sheaths are custom one of a kind designed.

Unique Custom Knives


I also make specialty knives that can be used in the kitchen.

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